Well, it’s been quite the adventure learning how to record videos with decent video and sound quality when Jamie and I live in two different countries! (OK… so our state and province share a border, but it sounds harder when I say we live in two different countries, ha ha! The reality is that video is just a new thing for us, so it’s a bit of trial and error!)

Anyway, we think we have things ironed out a bit now, so hopefully the sound is better in this video than the last – and we’ll get the sound updated in that one just as soon as we can!

In this third “Jessica Learns to Quilt” video, we talk about how we planned the fabric for my Just Like Heaven quilt.

As with the resizing, Jamie helped me *a lot* with this process and, in some ways, just did it for me… but I still learned along the way. I told her that I wanted to keep the ombre look and that I probably wanted to use Alison Glass’ Sun Prints for the fabrics. She then referenced the pattern and picked out colors from both Sun Prints and Insignia to show me, I decided which I wanted, and she ordered it. Easy for me, maybe not quite so easy for you first-time quilters out there! Still, we hope this video will help you a little bit! (It’s nice having a quilter who knows what they’re doing for a sister!)

If you’d like to quilt along with us, and if you like the palette we’ve chosen, below are links to where you can get the pattern and fabric:

Just Like Heaven Quilt PDF Pattern

Alison Glass’ Sun Prints

Alison Glass’ Insignia

Let us know if you have any questions for us in the comments here or on YouTube and we’ll gladly answer them!


Jessica & Jamie