Hey all!

It’s time for my monthly pattern ideas post!

This month, we’re featuring Amy Gibson’s Meriwether for Windham Fabrics.

Amy and Windham have an awesome Issuu lookbook featuring a bunch of patterns and ideas, a few of my favorites I’ve shown below – be sure to check it out, because there is a lot more beyond what I’ve shown here!

Be sure to check out the #meriwetherfabric hashtag on Instagram for more ideas as this new collection gains traction – and use it when posting your makes too. 😊

We’re excited to see what you come up with!


Sew Day Quilt
by Amy Gibson – sewn by Kelly Eberhardt – quilted by Linda Lupton
pattern for sale here
(Left) Maker’s Tote
by Anna Graham – sewn by Stephanie Kendron – buy the pattern here
(Right) Bon Voyage Tote
by Annie Unrein – sewn by Kaitlyn Howell – buy the pattern here
Ultimate Travel Bag
by Annie Unrein – sewn by Kaitlyn Howell
buy the pattern here
Blushing Bride Embroidered Pillow
by Amy Gibson – sewn and embroidered by Rebecca Allen, Ginny Fisher, & Tanya Lord
get the pattern here
Loverly Quilt
by Amy Gibson – sewn by Kelsey Prantis and Michelle Wise
buy the pattern here
Wishing Pillow
by Amy Gibson – sewn by Kelleigh Bland
buy the pattern here
Ocean Path Quilt
by Kitty Wilkin for Quilt Theory – sewn by my sister, Jamie of Culcita! 😀
buy the pattern here
(this pattern was in our March box, so if you’re a subscriber, check there first!)