Hey #culcitacrew!

As promised here’s a lineup of different ways to make half square triangles (HST)!

I used to loathe HSTs. Like, avoid making a pattern because of them. I never trimmed them, they were always wonky and, consequently, they never sewed together very nicely.

I also didn’t like having to make them one at a time; I did not have patience for that! I prayed to become a more patient person and God gave me my first born. Talk about a crash course in becoming a more patient person! Ha! Maybe that’s why I suddenly like HSTs, the repetitiveness and versatility of the block soothe my soul!

I’m currently working on Scrappy Geese by Michelle Bartholomew for Quilt Theory. It’s ALL HSTs and I’m loving working on the quilt!


Our featured quilt pattern for the second quarter of the year is Triangle Jitters by Suzy Quilts. This pattern is all HSTs! I did a little tutorial in my make blog post about how to make two HSTs at a time. This method is currently my fave. You can check out the blog post here.



Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock has a great little tutorial on making four HSTs at a time! Spoiler altert: June boxes may or may not have Amy’s first fabric collection!


Suzy Quilts also has a great tutorial that details how to make two, four and eight at a time, plus quilty math charts and a video! Oh my!


All of the above mentioned ways of making HSTs need be trimmed and thus, have a little wasted fabric.

If you are not at all interested in trimming, or if you just love sewing gadgets, then I would suggest a specialty ruler! Here’s a tutorial from Cora’s Quilts that shows you how to use the Easy Angle ruler.


I hope this little line up helps you to find your love for HSTs, or if nothing else, helps your HST making get a little easier.

Happy sewing!