I told you in my last English Paper Piecing post that I would have part 2 done for you in a matter of weeks. Well, sorry for the tardiness! Seven weeks late is better than never, right?!

Completing the medallion was fairly straightforward. Grey diamonds, then arrow pairs, then big background pieces! I kind of lost my sewojo around the time of sewing the arrow pairs to the grey diamonds. Maybe it was the bout of hand foot and mouth my boys and I had? That’ll put a damper on just about anything.


Luckily the HFM wasn’t too bad of a strain and I was able to find my sewjo again for a little hand-stitching-while-commuting action to get this block finished.


As for the papers, it was pretty satisfying to pull those little suckers out of there. Happy to report, glue basting did not cause any problems. The papers came out easily without ripping.


Once the papers were out, I was able to give it a good press. I just let all the little tails and seams go which ever way they wanted. Then all that’s left to do is a little trimming and borders! I like how Jodi, from Tales of Cloth, doesn’t have you truly square up the block till you have the first set of borders on.


The one thing I regret about my block is that I didn’t take the ten seconds to walk my lazy bones up to my sewing room to get white thread when it came time to sew the background on. I was using an off white and so my seams with the super white background just look dirty. Kinda bums me out, but hopefully after it’s quilted it won’t be so noticeable.

That’s the next big question, how to quilt it?! Hand quilting for hand piecing? Or maybe just simple straight line machine quilting would be best? Hmm… Decisions, decisions.

We would love to see your Girt by Sea blocks, so be sure to tag us!

Happy stitching!